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services and pricing

What does Wordsmith Services offer?

Wordsmith Services seeks to help writers with clear communication. I work with writers during the final stages of a project, ensuring clarity and cohesion through copy editing and proofreading.

I have a special zest for student work, resumes, and application materials, but have been trained to work with writers on a broad scope of projects. 


Reach out, and I'll see what we can do together.

Why hire an editor?

Whether you love writing or you feel like it's a struggle, it always helps to have another set of eyes look over your work. When the stakes are high, it matters even more.


Many employers read hundreds of resumes of applicants vying for the same position. College professors can be brutal if you haven't put in the work to proofread your final projects. Don't let your punctuation break your potential as a candidate, graduate, or communicator.


I want to help you communicate clearly and engage effectively with your audience. 

Is it worth it?

We've all read a headline with a missspelled word, and seen credibility tank because of a lack of careful edits. For the cost of a cup of coffee (*depending on how long your project), my services can help ensure that you communicate with professionalism and poise.

Is it worth it? Yes!


 $10/project plus $2/page (250 words)

$30/hr for live/zoom consultations

$100-$150 website usability edit

Contact me for a personal quote!

General Pricing

Every two months I send out notes from the editor's desk, including editing anecdotes, writing tools, and Wordsmith Services updates and specials. Let's stay connected! 

You're in! Please reach out in the meantime if you'd like to chat about a project or share a new word you've found that's just right. I look forward to working together! 

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